PortGate and Authenticity

Kos et al. are pretending that PortGate is not because the company is from the middle east. They are pretending it’s an issue because a foreign company is running the ports. Hogwash. There are racial overtones to this issue and we all know it. It’s a convenient vehicle to highlight what the 9/11 Commission reported: that our port security is sad, and for that reason it’s fine.

But this is simply a sleight of hand distraction to change the subject from Cheney. After all, Republicans are out front on this. Do you think they are all doing that without permission? If so, then why isn’t that the story? This is the biggest rank-breaking ever in Bush’s presidency.

Port security matters, but this is another instance of Democrats putting themselves in a position of being off message and just being seen as the critics. If everyone who hated Bush voted for Kerry, he would have topped 300 EVs. The fact is, Dems need to start selling their brand now that the people are turning against Bush.

If this is the way to do it, then it needs to be more intentional.

Personally, I think this is just a bunch of hack noise and is more or less irrelevant.