The Abramoff Photos: Dem Missed Opportunity Number 1523

Vice-Generalissimo Cheney’s “instant karma” shooting of aging conservatron swine number 324 notwithstanding, Democrats have once again missed a platinum opportunity to use the infantile instincts of the neutered press to their advantage. The Bush junta has refused to make photos of Bush’s meeting with the the disgraced Jack Abramoff public. For sure there have been the normal cries against secrecy, but they have not gone anywhere.

To take advantage of the slow news days the Dems should have approached this issue sideways, as the Conservatrons surely would have done. These White House photos were taken by an official White House photographer who no doubt is paid for by the taxpayer dollars. All it would have taken to force the photos out would have been this steady drumbeat on the 24 hour cable networks and other outlets: “All I’m saying is these photoraphers are paid for by tax payer dollars and I think the American people have a right to see what they have produced. These weren’t meetings on national security measures. Surely the American people deserve to see the photographs that their taxes pay for.”

With enough of an echo chamber the photos would have been forced out. Would it have made a discenable difference? Probably not. But the Bush junta isn’t keeping them secret for nothing and the process would have resulted in several news cycle “wins”. In hockey terms (and there is really no other sensical way to think about things) this is the equivalent of a strong fourth line shift; the little things that win games. It’s hard for the faithful to keep their spirits up when their teams tactics are so bad.

Oh and missed opportunity number 1524: Blowing it with Hackett. Maybe there was a better Senate candidate, but you have got to keep your promising talent in the fold. If the Dems don’t win Ohio Reid and Schumer should step down from their leadership positions.

2 thoughts on “The Abramoff Photos: Dem Missed Opportunity Number 1523”

  1. Hackett was polling much lower versus DeWine, and Sherrod Brown is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. If Hackett can’t stand the heat, he should get out of the kitchen. He should have run again for the second district.


  2. Perhaps Hackett’s near success got to his head. He may be cantankerous, but then Schumer and Reid should have got to him early and told him to set his sights on the Congressional District. He is a talent and should not be wasted.


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