This Just In!

According to Polemic’s sources Vice-Generalissimo Dick “Cockroach” Cheney was involved in a foreign policy accident four years ago. He was on a routine war mongering vacation trip when he shot at what he said was Osama bin Laden but wound up hitting Iraq instead. Over 150,000 troops, escalating hundreds of biilions of dollars, thousands of corrupt contractors, and dozens of braindead young conservatron operatives (made permanenetly retarded from having drunk paint thinner to get into their frats) were immediately rushed to the scene, yet Iraq remains in very unstable condition to this day. Indeed, most experts say that there is no hope for Iraq, but maintaining the monetary feeding tube into the ” freindly fire” country has become a passionate cause for envangelicals, who claim that continuing the carnage in Iraq is part of the “culture of life.”

And all of Generalissimo Bush’s horses and all of Generalissimo Bush’s men could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again.