"Liberal"=anti-Bush, Nothing Else

Glenn Greenwald’s post about liberal equalling any criticism of Bush is spot on. But this isn’t new. This has been the case since his campaign in 2000 with regards to Bush, and longer still in the minds of Republicans and the media.

I, for one, would never have been labeled a “liberal” 35 or even 20 years ago. On real liberal G-spots like poverty, pacifism, and identity politics issues, I’m far apart from both liberals and conservatives. Other traditionally liberal matters, like gun control and criminal defendants’ rights, I’m somewhere in the middle. The only thing that drives me into anything near any kind of radicalism is environment and health care issues. I’m not a tax and spend or borrow and spend person, either.

Sounds like a boilerplate centrist, at least to me. But these days, I’m a foaming at the mouth rabid liberal.