NHL: South-least division?

Here’s a wierd stat:

Say what you want, but every team in the Southeast Division except expansion Atlanta has been to the finals in the last 10 years. Florida lost in 1996, Washington lost in 1998, Carolina lost in 2002, and Tampa Bay won it all of course in 2004.

How does that compare?

NE – Buffalo lost in 1999
ATL – NJ won in 2000, 2003, went to finals in 2001; PHI lost in 1997
C – Detroit won in 1997, 1998, 2002
PAC – Anaheim went to finals in 2003; Dallas won in 1999;
NW – Colorado won in 1996, 2001; Calgary lost in 2004

Wierd stat–but no other division even three in this category.

And Carolina is making a case to pad that total this year.

2 thoughts on “NHL: South-least division?”

  1. None of the SE teams that went to the finals did anything in their next few years. They were underestimated and that helped them get on a roll in the playoffs. Flukes aren’t bad, they’re just more lucky than they are good.


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