Updated Coaching Deadpool

After having two of my latest picked off, I have to come up with some new ones, so I think I’ve got a surprise here.

#1 Trent Yawney – The Hawks beat Washington to end their skid … in OT, after blowing a 3-0 lead. Something is WRONG here, and the first to figure that out is usually the Unemployment Department clerk who handles the coaches paperwork.

#2 Mike Kitchen – I’m starting to think the axe might fall after the season, because by now, the Blues know they’re done. They’ll trim some salary.

#3 Michel Therrien – Sounds ridiculous, right? They just hired him. Well, I think he’s actually made the situation worse. I think the Crosby people are going to start pulling a Lindros parents and demand that this team not spoil their prize child. There is going to be a liquidation day here too. Even though he’s a liability on D, someone will want Gonchar for the playoffs, and I think Marc Recchi could fit as a character guy somewhere. Palffy has to hold some value too. LeClair, no, he stays. He’s over.

Bonus pick: Still has to be Marc Crawford. It’s just a hunch, and that’s why it’s the “bonus pick”