Castro and JFK?

Lots of buzz today about the new film alleging that Castro and Cuba lay behind the JFK assassination. There are a number of problems with this theory, but, as always, I’m open to being convinced.

First of all, by the time of the assassination, Kennedy had long since given up on Cuba. Part of the Cuban Missile Crisis deal was a pledge that Cuba would not be invaded. Kennedy also actually stopped an invasion of Cuba during the Bay of Pigs.

Second, the connections between Oswald and the Cubans are far weaker than his connections to Cuban exiles, who had a much stronger motive to assassinate Kennedy.

Third, except for the “suppression” by LBJ (which never could have gone on without acquiecense from the intelligence community) the fairly transparent connections alleged by the movie would have led to war if correct. This is always the reason that keeps me from connecting the assassination to Castro or the KGB: they had much to lose and only a wily Texan to gain.

The Cuban exiles, on the other hand, were a creation of the US government, trained and backed by it (except Kennedy). Their connections ran and still run deep in the channels of power in the US–the kind of thing that the military can’t touch.

Finally, they use Alexander Haig to bolster their claims. Haig, after all, was wrapped up in Nixon’s fall from grace, which, according to his own words on tape, began when he got the CIA to stop the FBI from investigating Watergate, lest the whole “bay of pigs” thing come up again.

Of course, many sources have agendas and reliability issues here, but Haig isn’t any kind of eyewitness or anything (or is he?)