The First Polemic DoucheBag awardsTM: Nominations

There are so many DoucheBags out there that we can’t even name this the “annual” DoucheBag awards. I’m going to start with my nominations in the NHL category:

Gary Bettman – After expanding the league to 30 teams and thereby diluting the talent pool and the non-fickle fan base, this madman engaged in brinksmanship with the players resulting in the shutdown of the league for a full year.

Bob Goodenow – Bettman may be at fault for the over-expansion, but the primary blame for the lockout rests squarely on this man’s shoulders. Only after a coup d’etat in the players union did the players finally cave to a salary cap much lower than they could have had at the end of the last season. Goodenow’s position that he could convince the owners to not have a cap was always ludicrous, and, as a result he caused a lockout for a year that netted the players no gain. He was let go by the union, but too late for it to matter.

Whoever Came Up With The Trapezoid – This man is an idiot.