Coaching Deadpool

The Pens have fired Eddie O. Olcyzk was on this site’s coaching deadpool at #2 on November 25, #1 on November 14, and #1 on October 27. He’s been replaced by the capable Michel Therrien. Speaking of ex-Habs coaches, whatever happened to Allaine Vignault? He was good.

I had Mike Keenan at #1 even though he’s a GM. The reason is, it was his mistakes that are causing Florida’s problems, especially if the rumors about trading Luongo to Colorado are true. I’ll start a separate GM deadpool from now on just to be clear.

Coaching Deadpool 12/15

#1 – Mike Sullivan – He might have injuries as an excuse, but this team is still underperforming. If things don’t improve after the Thornton trade, then we have problems.

#2 – Trent Yawney – The Hawks were supposed to be good, right? If he stays it’s just another showing of how much Wirtz hates the fans.

#3 – Mike Kitchen – At some point, the GM will have to cover his own tracks. When a team is expected to underperform (see Washington), every win is credited to the coach, but when you’re so terrible, the GM is in peril, especially when he trades away the franchise player. You’ve gotta wonder when house gets cleaned in St. Louis.

Bonus pick: Windshield-Wiper Hartley.