Accountability in Canada

Not that you would ever hear it in the news of the neighboring country, the most culturally equaivalent country, with a very long border, but there has been great tumult in Canadian politics recently.

The Republican-trained conservatives have begun a smear war against the Liberal Government, not implying, but directly stating that their party amounted to an organized crime ring. This stems from the former PMs kick-back scandal, and the Gomery commission has exonerated Paul Martin, the current PM.

But, wait. The Liberals control the government, and have control of the Commons and the Senate (including an actual, non-coalition majority in the Senate). So, how, exactly did they get investigated? You mean Canadian politicians get held accountable even if their party is in power?

The Vote of Non-Confidence has been tabled by the Conservatives. I haven’t done enough reading to find out why this is. But, the motion could not have succeeded unless the left-wing NDP voted no confidence. I don’t know enough to say, but it seems like this would have been another example of a left-wing party betraying the center-left party to the advantage of the right-wing party. The issue was over National Health Care. Did the NDP leader think that forcing elections at a time of peril for the Liberal party would have imrpoved things? Yikes.

There apparently will be an election and a new parliament. What are the chances of a Liberal party ouster? Nil. But they stand to become an even more precarious minority.

But remember, this all came about because misconduct was exposed under the regime of the same party. This would never, ever happen in the current United States. Democrats are forced to implicity legitimize the Clinton impeachment in order to call for a “fair” analysis of Bush, DeLay, and Frist’s actions–and to call for their removal. Clinton got his cock sucked. So what? The United States was never better than under his leadership.

We have a lot to learn from Canada, who, by the way, is keeping more of the jobs that GM is cutting because GM’s problem is mostly american health care costs.