The Same Intelligence?

This week’s most blantant lie coming from the Republicans is that the Congress and others (including Bill Clinton), all saw the same intelligence as the White House and concluded that “Saddam Hussein was a threat.”

First, it has already been documented in the Washington Post, among other places, that this claim simply isn’t true. But I can’t fault the White House for wanting to bring some of these people down with them. After all, a not minute faction of the Democratic party opposed the war, and the DLC Diet Republicans who killed the Dean campaign in 2004 supported it, even knowing that this bumbling administration would be the one to carry it out.

I knew the WMD story was a lie. I never believed the UN inspectors were covering for Saddam Hussein. It seemed quite obvious that if the agenda was really to get rid of WMD, and they really were there, and “we know exactly where [they] are” (Rumsfeld) was true, it would have been a lot easier to show that to be the case at the time, and going into Iraq with the military was the hard way to do it.

There was no possible intelligence that could have justified the invasion, short of some kind of ICBMs in Hussein’s possession. If we knew where the weapons were, that seems to be what cruise missiles are for. And even then, that appears to be the situation in North Korea, and all we do is talk. It was obvious that Bush was going to finish his Daddy’s job no matter what. And this, despite the fact that we had just been attacked by al qaeda, and we let them go.

So the Democrats who followed this guy are also to blame. That includes Hillary, Biden, John Kerry, and John Edwards. These are the same people responsible for destroying the only viable candidate who did speak out against the war, Howard Dean. Believe me, the Republicans were (incorrectly, too, I think) relishing the chance to take him on; they probably donated to his cause.

Now, a whole cohort of Dems are saying they were wrong: John Edwards, Jack Murtha, etc. Well, no shit. Welcome to the reality based community. I knew in 1999 that Bush would not be a competant commander in chief. What made me so special? It must have been my intelligence.

One thought on “The Same Intelligence?”

  1. Democrats need to go after the big lie. Or rather, the big innuendo. That is Bush’s linkage of 9/11 with Saddam Hussein. So waht if there is no “prove it” sound byte. Everyone knows what that was about.Also, to hell with those spineless Democrats who voted to authorize the war. They can say that they gave the authority, not the thumbs up, but c’mon! I knew that there was no way that Bush wasn’t going to war with Iraq, surely they did too.


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