Shorter Weintraub

Shorter Weintraub: Even though the whole election was a waste, direct democracy is still good because it was once used for leverage to get something done.

Normally Danny does a pretty good job making us wonder if he really does or doesn’t have a big Terminator poster above his bed, but this article is just sorry. Direct democracy has been as much of a disaster for California as it was for Athens, and Weintraub’s article simply doesn’t make any sense.

His thesis is that direct democracy is good because the insurance commissioner set his rate guidelines lower (no obligation for hte companies to follow) because of a bill passed in the Legislature as a result of an implicit threat to take it to the voters by Arnold. Hmm…

In other words, direct democracy really had nothing to do with it. It was just one of many avenues for a 66% approved governor to muscle a bill through an adverse legislature, i.e. the normal representative political process at work. And this guy is the blogger of record for California politics? Sheesh.