Coaching Deadpool 11/14

(1) Ed Olcyzk – It’s not just Thibault. This team has no organization. It’s a mistake to think that just because a team doesn’t play a trap that it doesn’t have a “system.” This is also not a case of too many egoes, like the Lakers. This team is simply poorly run and too much talent is going to waste.

(2) Randy Carlisle – Why is this team losing? They are getting great goaltending, but no scoring. No scoring on a team with Fedorov, Sykora, Niedermayer, Selanne, and Ozolinsh? It’s almost as preposterous as Pittsburgh, but not quite.

(3) Mike Kitchen – This team sucks. Ack. The Blues have the worst record in the NHL, and mismanagement has decimated a team that won the President’s Tropy just 4 seasons ago.

(4) Wayne Gretzky – This team has climbed to .500, but mostly by facing a weak schedule. I still don’t see anything other than hype to justify Wayne’s coaching skills. No matter how many times Sam Rosen or Darren Pang repeats it, it doesn’t make it so.

(5) Trent Yawney – Chicago has improved slightly, but I still think they are perceived as underachievers (they’re about where I expected them to be, but I don’t fire coaches).

BONUS Pick: John Tortorella. The Tampa Buy Fluking are stinking up the league, and, based on Chicago’s performance, it’s not because Khabi’s gone. Has this team’s ego gotten to the point to where they tune out Torts?