Voting Does Matter, Indeed

I second the post below about the fact that voting matters. Saying it doesn’t is just Slate-style “attack the CW because we’re so much smarter” bullshit. It may not actually determine the outcome, but at some point things need to be finalized in a ceremonial way that indicates it seriousness, but that’s not the problem.

The problem is, voting is an act that is in its essential form, more than just a decision about an issue or a candidacy. It is an expression of the raw power that the voters have to determine their lives. It’s the “active liberty” the Justice Breyer speaks of as being one of the two aims of our constitutional government, aside from limited government.

Failure to vote means our system will be chewed away into oblivion until only the negative liberty remains (assuming it is not snatched into an oligarchy of those who still vote first), which amounts to little more than a state of nature, which is no liberty at all.

I understand, especially on the day an election is called in my state for no other reason than to settle scores, that people are cynical about voting. But it matters less how people vote than that they do; if they don’t, what remains of our system is dead.