Torpedo Miers

Democrats have wisely kept their mouths shut and let the Conservatrons solely attacks Miers. Still, most likely, the votes will have to be cast and each Senator will take definitive action on Miers. When that time comes Democrats must defiantly vote “no.”

Some have argued that an incompetent crony like Miers is the best that Democrats could hope for from Generalissimo Bush. The whining from right wing theocrats notwithstanding, however, Miers hardly seems like one who will take a nuanced view on abortion or even an intelligent view on any case in law. When Bush leaves office eventually the records from the Reagan, Bush I and Bush II administrations will be released. Do you really want his hand picked crony to have any part in the law suits that will certainly arise around the release of his records?

Miers personifies the Republican Party: she is a retrograde, a crony and incompetent for the position that she is bieng appointed to. A one hundred percenter Conservatron nominee might reunite the right wing. So what? They were never going to vote for a democrat anyway. Forcing Bush into nomionating such a person, however, would force coded issues like abortion out into the open where majorities disagree with the Conservatron stance. A solid filibuster against the far right nominee of a rapidly sinking lame duck “president” is a fight that Democrats should be more than happy to take on. All they need do is say they demand competency in a Supreme court nominee, Roberts was conservative but able, Miers is a crony and undeserving of the job.

After Brownie handed the competency angle to Democrats they can’t give it back to non-Bush Republicans by supporting Miers.