Call Me When They Pass The Gavel

Tom DeLay indickted. “I love Prison” mug shot and everything. Frist gets a new nickname Bill Boesky Frist. Rumors abound that Sprio Cheney will resign. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It’s October of 2005. The Democrats (aka the snatch defeat from the jaws of victory crew) have yet to come up with their NationalBrandTM for the next election. Chances are, they won’t. (Though I hear Rahm Emanuel is in charge.)

So, as much as there is enough schadenfreude to drown in right now, none of it means jack. If this is the kind of victory we’ve come to accept, then we’re losers. Winning is everything. If you can’t translate this into some electoral measure, it’s totally meaningless.

If they get Tom DeLay to step down permanently, and replace him with a new lovable guy that you would let pet your puppy, and they replace Frist with someone and Cheney with Condi, and they do it soon, dumb ass Americans will have forgotten all about this by then.

Until they pass the gavel to Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Byrd is presiding pro tem over a senate where Majority Leader Reid is calling votes, who gives a shit?