Hockey Will Never Be About the Any One

Like a hooker bearing her nipples in a bad neighborhood in Paris Sidney Crosby is splashed all over the front of’s NHL section. Never mind that Crosby got one assist on a meaningless goal and was outshined by the unheralded “other” rookie Zach Parise in both players’ first game; Crosby is the new face of the game, no matter what.

Listen to ESPN’s resident willfully ignorant barker Scott Burnside opine hockey wisdom from Atlanta, Georgia:

“By the end of the night, the Devils crowd was chanting, ‘overrated.’ But this is the same group that yelled out the usual taunts to Rangers fans five or six times Wednesday night, so it just means they have a wry sense of hockey humor as opposed to a Greek chorus foretelling Crosby’s future.”

Uhm, ground control to Major Burnside, have you watched the Rag$ for the last decade? If you did you surely would have noticed that they suck. They suck almost as much as the nonsensical second sentence in your quote above.

Barring injuries Crosby will be great and he has nothing to be ashamed of after his first game, but the Devils fans are right. He is overrated. Any player would be.

The NHL will never be an individual dominated sport the way basketball is. No matter how good Crosby becomes he will rarely play more than half of one game. He won’t score a goal in every single game.

Even when the Bulls were bad you could always count on Jordan to be on the floor for 90% of the game, pop in 36 points and make one highlight reel dunk. Hockey is too much of a team sport for that. An overhyped player like Crosby will disappoint the casual fans when he doesn’t score 8 goals every game and he will bore the true hockey fans if his personality dominates the coverage of the sport instead of the guts, artistry and courage that are expressed in the details of each game.

In ESPNland Sidney Crosby is overrated and ice hockey is underrated.