Reinstituting 2 line pass for goalies only?

So, they thought they could stop Martin Brodeur with the no-goalie-handling areas? Take a look at the video from last night’s game. Brodeur is making tape to tape passes to forwards in the neutral zone near the attacking blue line. He may outscore Grant Fuhr this year.

So, there will no doubt be someone calling for an exception to the no-two-line pass rule. Anything to stop Marty and the Devils from winning.

Scoring is up, and it’s noticable. Play quality has improved. Will they still call the game this way in April? We’ll see. They’d better. But DJS is right–it will never go back to the 80s.

As for who the good teams are? It seems to me that Pittsburgh is nothing but hot air until they get a goalie. And what should have worked for them–their power play–was useless, even with the extra room in the zone. Same can be said for Edmonton, Colorado, Columbus, Detroit, St. Louis — where’s the championship goaltending? It ain’t there. For some of them, even winning goaltending isn’t there.

I don’t think Calgary’s run was any more or less charmed than Tampa. I don’t see anything about them that puts them ahead of any other team that could get hot.

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