Final Pre-Preseason Power Rankings

(1) Phildelphia
(2) Ottawa
(3) Edmonton
(4) Vancouver
(5) Anaheim
(6) Calgary
(7) Pittsburg
(8) New Jersey
(9) San Jose
(10) Boston
(11) Toronto
(12) Atlanta
(13) Tampa Bay
(14) Los Angeles
(15) St. Louis
(16) Montreal
(17) Chicago
(18) Dallas
(19) Colorado
(20) Detroit
(21) Minnesota
(22) Nashville
(23) Florida
(24) Columbus
(25) Buffalo
(26) Islanders
(27) Carolina
(28) Phoenix
(29) Rangers
(30) Washington

I’m sure this will change A LOT after pre-season play. We just don’t know who’s going to not miss a beat and who’s going to take a long time to get back in NHL game shape.

2 thoughts on “Final Pre-Preseason Power Rankings”

  1. I’m not quite so bullish on some of these teams because I think goal tending is being overlooked.Hossa for Heatly (assuiming he has his head on straight) was excellent for Ottawa, but Hasek is 40.In my opinion, Jiggy in Anahiem has yet to prove that he is consistent beyond his underserved ’03 Smythe (Should’ve gone to Brodeur or Niedermeyer). We’ll she how he does without the big pads.Thibout or however you spell it in Pittsburgh? Please.I definitely agree with Tampa and especially Colordao. Colo still has good talent, but Aebischer is a huge step down from Roy and that is why they didn’t do well last year.


  2. Jiggy had one bad season. Before that, he was solid — not just for one season. And last season, he finished well. At worst, he’s good enough to support that team with all the firepower it has now. Undeserved Conn Smythe? Maybe, if Conn Smythe was suppsed to be the “best player in the finals.” It’s not; it’s the best player in the playoffs. That was Giggy.Scott Stevens was not the best player in the finals in 2000; he was the best player in the playoffs, especially in the first and third rounds. Brodeur probably should have won it both times, but geeeezzzus—it’s not like Giguere did nothing.Pittsburg could probably play with an empty net with all of their firepower. Thibault is not a championship goaltender, but he’s not the worst starter in the league either.I’m not overlooking goaltending; I just think I might not be valuing at heavily as you are.


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