Democracy Corps: My interpretation

The left-echo chamber at Kos says the Democracy Corps focus groups says that Democrats don’t have to compromise on their core values to win. Bull shit.

It says that people in red states, and people that are uneducated and rural are believing everything they hear from the conservative media, and only disregarding them in extreme in-your-face circumstances like health care.

They say they don’t like the Dems on gay marriage and abortion and that it’s the press’s fault for making Iraq look bad. They say it’s lawyers who are at fault for their health care bills, and that it’s not fair that old folks don’t get 100% but “illegals do” (lol.).

I hear this kind of tripe from time to time, of course. But if you read between the lines, you don’t see a plan for a kind of DLC Democrat to come forward and say Hillary like softening things on abortion, and so forth.

What you see is a bunch of dumb hicks who are too worried about their own asses to give a shit about anyone else and as long as the Right wing media keeps feeding them fuel to that fire, they’re going to keep buying.

Fuck that and fuck them.

The only answer is institution building and ass-kicking Dean/Schweitzer/Hackett type candidates.