NHL Free Agency Update

I don’t think any of the recent signings will have big impacts in the W-L column for the teams involved. I don’t think John Leclair is going to do much–but he will age slower there than in Philly–and I don’t think Roman Hamrlik or Eric Lindros are going to be big difference makers for their respective teams. Some of these signings will impact ticket sales at least. If Pittsburg fans weren’t ready for a comeback, they should be now. Toronto probably won’t have any issues with selling tickets, but a Lindros cult won’t hurt.

I will be very interested to see some pre-season play, more than any other year. The reason? Simple. With so much time off, it will matter a lot for the first half of the season who’s in shape, who’s remained sharp and who hasn’t. Getting a glimpse at that will be more telling than usual.

I’m still curious about where Peter Bondra is headed.

One thought on “NHL Free Agency Update”

  1. Stoked for pre-season! Holy moly! That’s some intense interest Mr. “This Season Is Going To Suck.”Hey, I’m ready for pre-season too. Summer can’t end fast enough.


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