The Niedermeyer Brothers

Now that Scott and Rob will have so much time to hang out together I wonder if they will ever be watching HBO’s hilarious series “Entourage” on a Sunday night. If they do, will seeing the dynamics of the relationship between brothers Vincent and Johnny “Drama” Chase make them (especially Rob) just a skosh uncomfortable?

To put it another way, would Rob Niedermeyer, an injury-prone at times gritty and at times invisible third or fourth line center, really be making 2 million per if he wasn’t Scott’s brother?

4 thoughts on “The Niedermeyer Brothers”

  1. You’re just bitter. (=Rob Niedermayer was never and will never be the caliber player that Scott is, but he has a few smaller feathers in his cap, and, after all, he was an integral part of the finals run the Ducks had in 03–something another team might not appreciate.Plus, it’s not like Lou Lamoriello didn’t try to trade for this guy too for the same reason.This is nothing like Brett Lindros, Steve Kariya, and so on…. well it’s SOMETHING like that, but it’s not the same.


  2. Bitter… well, I feel too old to get personal feelings about hockey. A tad miffed or disappointed, yeah, but whatever. Rob Niedermeyer is a legitimate NHLer and he was good in the Ducks’ run, but without his last name he would be a 1.2-1.5 million player, in my opinion.


  3. I think Sykora would have to be the black-haired chick who is Vinny’s West Coast mom.Perhaps Jiggy could be turtle, he has that stoner aura.


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