NHL Top 5 Shift

(1) Philadelphia – Forsberg and the new D men were the best signings.
(2) Pittsburg – Anyone want to take a penalty against this team? Signing Gonchar and Palffy is pretty amazing.
(3) Edmonton – Selke and Norris candidates?
(4) Anaheim – If you can’t defend their transition game, you’re finished.
(5) Chicago – All in all, their signings have dramatically improved this team.

Free Agency Period Predictions.
I will amend my predictions during the preseason.


1 – y-Anaheim
2 – x-Los Angeles
3 – Phoenix
4 – Dallas
5 – San Jose


1 – z-Edmonton
2- x-Vancouver
3- x-Calgary
4- x-Minnesota
5 – Colorado


1 – y-St. Louis
2 – x-Chicago
3 – Detroit
4 – Nashville
5 – Columbus


1 – z-Philadelphia
2 – x-Pittsburg
3 – x-New Jersey
4 – Islanders
5 – Rangers


1 – y-Tampa Bay
2 – x-Atlanta
3 – Florida
4 – Washington
5 – Carolina


1- y-Ottawa

Final Four

Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Anaheim, Edmonton

2 thoughts on “NHL Top 5 Shift”

  1. Although Philly did make the best splash in this new world they weren’t able to do it by simply buying the new players. Since 2004 they have lost or given up Roenick, Reechi, Leclaire and Amonte. The new players are better so this amounts to wise hockey-dealings, not buying talent a la the Rag$ and AV$ of yesteryear.


  2. Exactly.Philly was a spender, but I believe they have an honestly good general manager. He’s not the best in the game (I think that’s easily Lou), or even in the top 3, but he was smart enough to anticipate or plan for the new cba in a way that the other old line big spenders weren’t.And losing Roenick at this stage in his career is addition by subtraction. That fucker’s mouth writes checks his hockey stick can’t cash.


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