The Left is finally starting to get it on Roberts.

The direct confrontational approach to the Roberts nomination was doomed to failure from the beginning. Finally, they are discovering some of the man’s “hired-gun” qualities. He represented a pro-gay client, he has also represented Native Hawaiians against Ward Connerly like racial “blindness.”

Please, I don’t believe this guy is a liberal. I don’t even think he’s a moderate. What I do think is that he’s at least a thinker, and that’s the best we can ask for from a right-wing appointee. But the only way to oppose him, to make sure that the Senate does its job, is to tick off the shark-brained troglodytes on the Right into thinking that this man is not their ideal candidate. With Brownback and Coburn on the committee, you have to think that it can’t be that difficult to do. The Right is constantly worried about left-drifting justices like Souter. Here they very may well have one who will evolve towards the centrist type of position that he is replacing. We can hope.

Now, if they will just start taking credit for preemptively shying Bush away from a Scalia Jr!