NASA: Scratch three?

I never sat on a panel for NASA or even took a rocket science class. I’m more educated than most people, but it only takes common sense to think that the antique space shuttles should have been retired years ago. When the Columbia splattered across the North American sky, I thought NASA would realize that too. Of course, I wondered in 1986 about the same thing. The problem then was the Space Shuttle was probably in the top 10 things we flaunted to fight the Cold War with soft power.

But now, it looks like Discovery is losing tiles in the same way Columbia did, and, could overheat and explode in the same way. And this time, there were headlines before hand saying that NASA was going to break the rules (or “bend” them, the AP said) to launch anyway.

What a disaster. NASA just got back into the win column with the comet thing and now they’re pulling this. I can accept that we’re not going to have flying cars in my lifetime, but it sure will be disappointing if people don’t go to Mars, and I just can’t see that happening for a long, long time–especially with this kind of idiocy running NASA.

Whither the exploring spirit? To the mall?