Right Wing Attacks Begin On Roberts.

If you guessed Ann Coulter wouldn’t be satisfied with anyone to the left of Adolf Hitler being appointed, you were right. Here’s her screechiness:

(Seriously, read this. It’s comedy)

First, she feigns concern for the WASPishness of Roberts:

After pretending to consider various women and minorities for the Supreme Court these past few weeks, President Bush decided to disappoint all the groups he had just ginned up and nominate a white male.

So all we know about him for sure is that he can’t dance and he probably doesn’t know who Jay-Z is. Other than that, he is a blank slate. Tabula rasa. Big zippo. Nada. Oh, yeah…we also know he’s argued cases before the supreme court. big deal; so has Larry fFynt’s {sic} attorney.

Ann Coulter only knows who Jay-Z is if she has mirrors above her bed that she can see while biting a pillow. Larry Flynt’s attorney may have argued before the Supreme Court, but Roberts was a well-reputed solicitor who did so often.

Next we have a homophobic zing on Souter:

But unfortunately, other than that that, we don’t know much about John Roberts. Stealth nominees have never turned out to be a pleasant surprise for conservatives. Never. Not ever. [Wonder why?]


Does he live in a small, rough-hewn cabin in the woods of New Hampshire and avoid “women folk”?

Souter, a Bush appointee, according to Coulter, is apparently a true “log cabin” Republican. Next, we ignore some facts about Justices Breyer and Ginsburg to make a ridiculous point.

The only way a supreme court nominee could win the approval of NARAL and Planned Parenthood would be to actually perform an abortion during his confirmation hearing, live, on camera, and preferably a partial birth one.

But perhaps the worst transgression for Cunter is:

From the theater of the absurd category, the Republican National Committee’s “talking points” on Roberts provide this little tidbit:

“In the 1995 case of Barry v. Little, Judge Roberts argued—free of charge—before the D.C. Court of Appeals on behalf of a class of the neediest welfare recipients, challenging a termination of benefits under the District’s Public Assistance Act of 1982.”

I’m glad to hear the man has a steady work record, but how did this make it to the top of his resume?

Hahaha, and that starched ken doll Brian Williams thought the Democrats would be howling.