Niall Ferguson's Secret Plan For Victory in Iraq

All we need is 1,000,000 troops and 70 years to win! Ferguson must be on crack. What’s to fear? Plus, he gives great odds too (33% chance of success).

Maybe Ferguson is the single most politically color blind person on Earth, or at least with a Ph.D. A majority of Americans no longer support the war in Iraq, and if Bush had said “we need one million troops and 70 years” you can bet it never would have happened. Maybe in Ferguson’s mind, it’s worth the loss of life, but I can’t see much long term import of Iraq.

Oh, and I wish he would quit thinking that everything under the sun happened to the British Empire.

2 thoughts on “Niall Ferguson's Secret Plan For Victory in Iraq”

  1. I wonder how he would feel if he, or anyonehe vaguely knows, were part of the glorious underclass that he sees as necessary for fighting imperial wars.


  2. The brief on Ferguson is proving more and more correct. As a financial historian, he is unparalleled. As a historian of anything else, he is unmatched in his pomposity.


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