Roll Call is now saying that Reid has 49 votes. I heard on Thursday that Frist has 49 as well. The Note, on the other hand, says there are 4 more up for grabs leaving it 49-47-4. I don’t believe the claim that Hagen and Dewine are up for grabs (maybe it’s changed), so that leaves Specter and Warner as the deciding votes. If either of them side with Frist, Cheney comes out of his undisclosed location to take the chair, and they’ve got it.

My money is on Specter siding with Reid, but Warner not having the balls to be 51 and so it will pass. If it’s clear they have the 50 votes, I wonder if the other Republicans will bother voting, and that could take some heat off of Cheney too.

I’m anxious to see what happens.

UPDATE: CBS News confirms my count at 50-50.