Wish fulfillment, continued

I have to disagree with the post below.

The Democratic Party has one simple agenda when (if?) it gets back in power in 2008: to repair the damage to our middle class society done by 14 years of economic conservatism and 8 years of social conservatism.

Democrats can start by a series of potentially business-friendly moves: take the burden of workers’ compensation insurance and health benefits programs off their backs and provide healthier workers for our workforce by making sure all Americans have adequate health care. They can repait the decline in union membership not by passing more pro-union legislation, but by providing for a living wage for all full time working heads of households through tax credits in exchange for a repeal of the minimum wage and the replacement of the Fair Labor Standards Act with a law that provides for “default” labor agreements for employers that are not unionized but have over 50 employees (sort of the way people who die without wills have their “intestate” estates divided by default state laws).

They can pay for this by forcing all companies that have minimum contacts with the United States must pay taxes here, and by restoring Clinton-era taxes on upper income Americans, while simultaneously slashing taxes on small businesses.

In the foreign arena, the next Democratic President will need to go on a John-Paul-II-like goodwill tour of the world, visiting more countries than any other prior president to restore goodwill towards America. He will have to end our involvement in Iraq and being our involvement in Africa. Before he even leaves America, he will have to start the process not by signing the Kyoto protocol, but by proposing a new protocol that requires China and India to curb their emmissions as well.

Socially, the next Democratic president will have to convince christians that he will work to make abortion a thing of the past, but to do so he will have to legalize Ru486 and widely distribute condoms and reform sex education. In exchange, he will staunchly defend our religious heritage, and Los Angeles can put the cross back on their county seal, we can leave ‘under God’ in the pledge, and ‘in God we trust’ on our money. In exchange for all of this, Red State America will have to accept civil unions.

The next Democratic president will have to provide for real homeland security, improve schools and not the bottom line of testing companies. He will have to rebuild our military and our infrastructure.

And he will have to do all of this while restoring our fiscal health.

The problem isn’t the vision thing, or the lack of things for the Restoration to handle. It’s deciding where to begin on this long list of things that must be done if America is to remain great.