42 months out: I'm for Gore.

You heard me.

With 42 months until the next presidential election, I’ve picked my first horse (I’ll switch, I’m sure): former vice president Al Gore.

By 2008, people will remember the 90s fondly, and not instantly think that Gore is back for a grudge match like they would have in 2004. Gore did not inspire me in 2000, but he’s a changed man since then. He has given some of the best speeches I’ve heard, especially on the environment since his defeat.

And this is mainly because our bench is not very deep at the moment. I still think, unforunately, we’re going to need a white, anglo male to win. I can’t take Hillary Clinton seriously. Bill Richardson is possibly part of a “western strategy” but he hasn’t convinced me he can campaign. He blew 2004 in New Mexico.

John Kerry is done as a presidential candidate whether he knows it or not. John Edwards seemed like a good pick for VP at the time, but he’s a light weight, a one term senator. He can be HHS Secretary or something. Howard Dean has baggage and is best as DNC chair. Wes Clark was a shitty campaigner.

Gore has his flaws, no doubt. I can’t believe how badly he blew Florida. But he’s the real deal, and he’s realized that all of the posturing his campaign staff had him do cost him.

Go for it, Al. You’ve got one vote already.

P.S. That’s GORE/BOXER 2008

3 thoughts on “42 months out: I'm for Gore.”

  1. I’m still an early Richardson backer. True, he didn’t deliver NM for Kerry, but that probably had more to do with JFK II than with Richardson.I agree that Gore has found his voice since ’00 and he probably would have won that election enough to win it if he had the funding that Kerry did in ’04, but can he really shed the loser image? Fairly or not, people don’t take him seriously right now.As a fresh face Richardson can still define himself, and by all indications he appears to be pugnacious enough for the job so long as people can get past any latent negative feelings towards his skin pigmentation.


  2. I’m all for Richardson. I like what I’ve heard of him, I just think the brown thing will stop him.Plus, the real reason Kerry won (the primary) was his insider connections, Gore has those too.He’ll have to shed his loser image, but he can sell the 90s. Most people would take the 90s in a heartbeat right now.


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