Lessons from the UK

Here’s what I learned from following the election in the UK: they get it there.

Sure, Tony Blair personally deserved to be run out of office, but being the prime minister probably makes a lot of good things happen for your own constituency, but letting the Tories back into power would have been absolutely counter productive.

First of all, everyone knows the Tories would have been even more eager to go to war with Bush. Second, aside from Iraq, the UK is much more in line with the beliefs of “New Labour” than they are with the Tories. Third, the feeble Liberal Democrats, who haven’t been in power for 100 years, don’t offer a viable alternative.

So, just about the perfect result was reached. Labour stays in power, but they receive a clear message that their participation in Bush’s war is not welcome. Only the PM’s personal defeat could have improved the result.

I’m eligible for an English law license in December. In addition to living in California, where the majority of people do not make enough money to buy an average house and the schools are falling apart, I live in the US where there is a scary tendancy towards theocracy lately. The FDA rejecting gay men as sperm donors? Baptists kicked out of their flock if they don’t support the President.

I would go to Canada, but I’m not sure that’s far enough away to be insulated from the implosion of the US.

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