The Stealth Threat

So, an Admiral tells a Senate committee today that North Korea has the capability of arming missiles with nuclear warheads. They have enough material, if memory servers, for 10-12 weapons. That’s no where near enough to bring about our old cold war nightmares, but think about this . . .

America has been reeling for 4 years, especially the first 2, since only–and I say “only” only because of the context–3000 were killed on 9/11. It hurt the economy, and it did damage to our national soul in many ways.

Now imagine if 10-12 major cities were hit with nuclear weapons. Not the 5-15 megaton Soviet weapons, but still. . . It would probably kill millions, not thousands, and it would render certain areas of the country uninhabitable. Panic would break out, everything would be disrupted.

And that’s just what would happen here. We would certainly retaliate with perhaps hundreds of weapons, assuring the death of almost everyone in North Korea.

And here’s the thing. I actually think Osama bin Laden is more sane than Kim Jong Il. I don’t doubt that is OBL had nuclear weapons, he would use them on the US if he thought it would further his goals of ridding the holy land of the infidel. But Kim Jong Il might do it for the hell of it, just because… or maybe on his death bed.

UPDATE: It’s not so “stealth” anymore. North Korea tested a missle near Japan this morning.