You dirrrrrty Rat-zinger.

I knew when I got an IM from a friend this morning that there was white smoke that it was Ratzinger. Too quick for a consensus to build around an opposition candidate.

Now, I’m not going to engage in left-wing AnnCoulterism and call him a nazi. He wasn’t. He was just a kid, and in his defense, he deserted. No, that’s not my problem.

My problem is that this is a guy who complained that nothing “stands fast” in the Church during II Vatican Ecumenical Council. There have been, I believe, over twenty ecumenical councils, or, more than one per century. These councils change things. We he go back on the Council of Trent?

Gee willickers, he went back on II Lateran, then priests could marry! Where do we draw the line at what’s Orthodox? I think the answer is, whatever was decided by these councils!

I had high hopes. I had hopes that the new Pope would be someone that could bring people back into the fold and use the Church as a positive force in the world. There are few institutions in the world that have the organization and membership that the Church does, and if used correctly could be so positive, especially now that America has adbicated its role as the morally progressive leader of the world.

In fairness, he was elected to be a transition pope. He’s old. So, the real fork in the road for the Church has been put off, but it won’t be put off for long.