Dems should "delay" Tom's downfall.

It’s April 2005. I have to think about what people were thinking about before Veggie-rama and the Papal succession. (By the way, the papal succession is a legitimate news event—this is the spiritual leader of one billion people after all.)

Scratching my head a little bit, I remember it’s Michael Jackson. He might be back for a while, but I’m getting the impression people don’t care anymore. They certainly don’t care about Scott Peterson anymore (who?).

I personally wonder if all of the hullaballoo about Tom DeLay is some sort of Karl Rove sanctioned sacrifice to cover the crash-and-burn Social Security repeal of the Bushies.

But anyway, Trent Lott’s odd-ball commentary had close to zero effect on the 2004 election only 11 months later. Tom DeLay’s downfall in April of 2005 thanks to the itchy trigger finger of Shay-partisans will likewise have little or no impact on the 2006 elections.

Democrats should vote against this bankruptcy bill and use its passage as an example of the cash and carry politics of the DeLay Congress. Run a national campaign and do your best to capture those necessary seats to make Nancy the Speaker.

Democrats should do nothing to accellerate the downfall of Delay. They should simply say “The Republicans run Congress—they’re in charge, they should discipline people!”

If his face is on every mailer in October of 2006, there’s a chance that the effective end of Bush’s second term will come sooner than 2009.