It's Better on a Bike

I thought the worst part of bicycle riding would be navigating busy streets with a swiveling head, trying to negotiate through the careless drivers zipping past in their mega-mobiles.

It’s actually the best part.

Bicycle riding causes the mind and the body to be in a state of fluid concentration, calculating the lactic muscle build up in the quads, with the just-turned-yellow light and the dweeb in the Buick who looks like he is going to turn but isn’t signaling. It’s the air thwwrring past your ears; it’s being able to look at the still water of the dammed river; it’s the honest feel of the road.

How easy it is to drone through a dull day of work, stop-and-go your way home in the car, zap on the TV, get a little drunk and call it a night. Work, cars, booze and TV have their merit, but biking forces the mind into immediate shrewd interactive strategizing. Beyond exercise endorphins, having an active mind and body and makes you awake and happy.

Of course, it is easy to bike here – there are painted bike lanes over several bridges and major roads. This is just one of the bonuses of living in a city with no real Republicans. I had been planning on saving up some cash to buy a Hybrid once I finish my Master’s and settle into my job. I’m not going to now; just gonna’ keep my increasingly beat up Hyundai and use it for long trips as needed until it breaks. When it comes to getting around town it’s better on a bike.