Lou Joins The NHL Lockout Talks

From Yahoo: “The same lower-level groups that met last week were at it again, with one exception: New Jersey Devils CEO and general manager Lou Lamoriello joined the talks at the NHLPA’s request.

Lamoriello, a member of the NHL’s negotiating committee, is respected by the union and viewed as a person who wants to make a deal.”

Of course, because Lou is involved we will never know what his involvement was unless it is succssful. I can hear him now: “If there is an agreement that works for both sides we will take it, if there is not we won’t.” It is that sort of taciturn blandness that has always made the NY press hate him, even though his on-ice product constantly defeats that of the cartoon character Milbury and the dolt Dolan. Lou is bad copy.

If Lou does somehow forge a compromise that allows the season to start, will the NHL reward him for saving their bacon by, perhaps, finally letting go of the officiating bias against the Devils stemming from the great Koharski “eat a donut you fat pig” brouhaha of 1988?

No, I’m still not over the flagrant clutching, grabbing and stick holding the Avalanche defensemen got away with in 2001.

Oh how I miss ice hockey!