The Bear Is Back

And I don’t mean in the markets.

When I heard on NPR yesterday that Yuschenko was in the hospital in Austria because he may have been poisoned, it sent chills down my spine. The reaction was closer to my stomach when I read that he was in fact poisoned.

Bushies criticize Clinton for not being engaged enough with terrorism. Clinton, at least, was engaged with Russia. Except for nodding and winking at each other’s behavior, Bush has not been adequately engaged with Russia and the ex-Soviet Union. Except for the Baltics, the fate of the ex-USSR has been total disaster at worse, and status quo ante at best. In the Asian Republics, tinpot dictators engage in personal vendettas with each other, line their pockets with western money, and rename days of the week after themselves. Byelorus shot down the balloon guy, for God’s sake. And now, Russia, headed by a former KGB leader, has poisoned to pro-Europe leader (after stealing the election from him) in Ukrania.

If I was a Polish, Estonian, or Czech leader, I would be beefing up my military, because, I think today, a new cold war might be starting between Europe and Russia.

Frankly, as scary as September 11th was, it paled in comparison to the nightmare scenarios we dreamt of in the Cold War era.

One thought on “The Bear Is Back”

  1. The Belarussian authoritarianism is also distinguished by a strong element of anti-semitism. History has proven this to be a noxious combination.


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