Things to admit.

The elections over, so there’s no more sense putting on a face. Let’s admit these things and move on.

• Kerry was a bad candidate.

• Tereeeeza was annoying.

• Dan Rather sucks.

• Bill Clinton isn’t going to save us.

• Hillary isn’t going to win in 2008.

• Identity politics perversely cause people to divide, not unite.

• Just about everyone on Air America except Al Franken is annoying and ignorant.

• NPR is for liberals

• Eric Alterman is annoying (though definitely not ignorant).

• You sound silly if you want to ban meat and legalise drugs.

• You are about 1,000,000 kids who forgot their Prozac & clad in black away from stopping globalization

• Criminals are bad

• Joe Conason is a hack

• Michael Moore isn’t credible to most Americans

• Not everything is Orwellian

• Michael Kinsley is a failure so far as Editorial Page Editor for the LA Times

• Bob Scheer needs to chill

• Arianna Huffington always seems to be right in hindsight

• Arnold is not a terrible governor

• Chaffee, Snowe, Collins, and McCain are not all going to switch parties.

Oh, and finally — this is especially important for people in Ohio: we lost.

(None of the above changes the fact that Bush is a terrible president, Rush Limbaugh is a drug-addicted hypocritical idiot, the environment is being destroyed, and global security is threatened, but you have to focus. Defending Dan Rather is trivial in the face of a potential war with Iran.)