Willie Horton Was Real; SBVFT Aren't

Michael Dukakis, perhaps the Jove of the 20th century pantheon of Democratic losers, didn’t think he had to reply to Bush’s Willie Horton ad. He could have pointed out, for example, the furlough program that the federal government had used. He could have pointed out a dozen other ugly things about Bush, and, in the end he might have preserved his 20 point lead. But, he was a douche. Just like Mondale, just like Gore, just like McGovern… and the rest of the crew up on Loserlympus.

The image of a [fnord] black [fnord] felon [fnord] getting out of prison to desecrate your milky-white daughter was enough to forget Iran-Contra, the “Wimp,” the deficits, and Black Monday.

The thing is, whether or not that should have been, anyone with a brain knows that that kind of image would terrify white America. It was an effective, if dirty and racist, ad.

John Kerry is a different kind of Democrat. First of all, he has some balls. He’s killed people within a small radius of himself. I think the last Democratic presidential candidate to have done that was … ok, I’ll ask KenJen from Jeopardy, but I’d guess you’d have to go back a ways. (Submariners and air force pilots don’t count. I’m talking shooting someone with a gun). Well, ok, besides Vernon Jordan, if you’re a Republican.

In fact, I think Kerry baited the Republicans into attacking his Viet Nam record — how could he lose as long as anyone was smart enough to compare Bush’s [lack of[ service? They took the bait. And now Bush is, I daresay, flip-flopping on his response to the ads.

Above all else, these ads are simply untrue. Kerry saved that guy. Kerry had war wounds. End of story.

Apparently people agree. Look at the latest Zogby poll. If the election was held today, Kerry wins in a landslide.

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  1. The last true war hero to run as a Democrat was, believe it or not, George McGovern who is a deocorated bomber pilot from World War II. Dukakis also served in the military, but he was stationed in South Korea and never saw action.If bombers do not count then you have to forget Lyndon Johnson – his militay service was more a matter of political necessity than patriotism, and you have to probably go back to JFK to get to someone who saw hand-to-hand, as it were, combat.For all of their Spartan bombast Republicans, hardly have a patent on warrior-patriotism. The current President Bush is, at best, a man who used familial connections to avoid life-threatening service in a war of questionable justification; at worst he is a coke-snorting, alcoholic plutocrat who would have seen “in-the-shit” service had his skin been of darker pigment or his family name of less impressive pedigree. Chickenhawk extraordinaire Dick Cheney had several deferments and appears to have conceived a child in order to avoid service. While people of all political stripes avoided the Vietnam War, the propensity of the Bush Team to wrap itself in the glory of military service makes their draft dodging galling.Robert Dole and George Bush the First were genune war heroes, but the asexual Conservatron ubermensch Ronald Reagan did not see meaningful service in World War II. It is telling that, Messrs. Dubya’ Bush and Ronald “I Feel Guilty After Having Sex With My Wife” Reagan, the most militarist Republicans of the last twenty-four years, are the ones who saw the least military action. To say nothing of other wimpy war hawks such as Newt “Triple Divorce” Gingrich, Rush “Hillbilly Heroin” Limbaugh, Bill “Cut His Mike. Shut Up!” O’Reilly, and Clarence “Pubic Cola” Thomas.


  2. LBJ — now there’s a case of a questionable silver star. He did what? He sat there while the rest of the people on the plane shot (maybe) at some Zeros that (maybe) were there. No one else on the bomber got it. It was given so that he would go back to FDR and pump up Mac’s operations. A very close, very old friend of mine is a historian at the LBJ library. I’m going to ask her about this next time we speak.I think JFK is the right answer to the who was the last to see hand-to-hand combat, but I have nothing really to confirm that.I am aware that McGovern was a bomber pilot, but… while that’s honorable service, I think that hand to hand level combat is something on an entirely different plane.I didn’t mean to imply that the Republicans were better. They’re not. As my Uncle, Peter Storm, writes in The War Party, despite appearances, the Democratic party has always been the national security party.


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