Nader's Prophecy Comes True For Everyone – Except Nade

When he was not asserting that there is no difference between Al Gore and George W. Bush during the 2000 Presidential election, Ralph Nader presaged the radicalism of a Bush presidency by arguing that it would unite progressives and this would be a benefit of a Gore loss.

Now, almost four years later, it is safe to say that Mr. Nader was correct. Progressive groups that did not even prominently operate in 2000 like Americans Coming Together and are making Herculean efforts in the 2004 elections on behalf of John. Michael Moore is backing Kerry, even a non-progressive like Howard Stern is on the bandwagon. From environmentalists to union members, from Hollywood to to the Bronx, from veterans to hippies everyone is lining up behind John Kerry to end the Bush (P)residency.

Everyone, that is, except for Mr. Nader who is engaging in another foolhardy presidential campaign that will, at best make the 2004 campaign too close to call (but close enough to steal), and at worst will guarantee that Mr. Bush, who embodies the antithesis of everything that Mr. Nader believes in, will be able to extend his occupation of the White House. That Mr. Nader needs Republican support to get him on any ballot should tell him all he needs to know about his candidacy. It is time for Mr. Nader to admit that he was right and do all that he can to make sure that George Bush loses this election – that is, he should be doing nothing.

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  1. Last night, I was at a Democratic party meeting. There were several new people, many of which had not RSVP’d. There was a couple new to town that had to leave when his kids got restless, and he said, “I just wanted to say before I left, that I was a Republican for 28 years; that you can be a conservative and not be a whacko; that you can be against abortion and still be a compassionate person, but I can’t tolerate this president, and I had to change parties.”Are Americans finally learning the lesson that Democrats are the solution party? You’re more likely to get a tenable solution on conservative issues from Democrats than you are from anyone else. The Republican party used to be the party of fiscal restraint and isolationism in the world. They served as a check on the spending and adventurism; now they are a party of hate-venting, smear campaigns, personal destruction, and cynical tax cuts aimed at destabilizing America’s middle class.Nader was correct that a Bush victory would unify progressives, but that really wasn’t the problem. The problem was unifying people of good conscience that want security, solutions, and genuine progress, whether right of center, left of center, or further left.The New Deal coalition is under reconstruction.


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