Justifying the internment.

Right-wing cunt-witch Michelle Mankin’s latest Coulteresque toilet-screed, In Defense of Internment, tries to defend the internment of the Japanese during WWII. She alleges that intercepts of Japanese messages were used to intern the Japanese, nevermind Generals claiming they couldn’t tell the good Japs from the bad, and Idaho governors demanding concentration camps for them, and Wyoming governors promising many a bended branch with hanging yellow man should concentration camps not be used–all of whom had no access to the Japanese intercepts.

(Wasn’t there something in the Right-Wing Bitching Guide® about “revisionist history?” Oh, I forgot–element one of the Right-Wing Bitching Guide® is that the standards contained herein do not apply to attacks from the Right.)

But to get lost in the historical inaccuracies of any toiletribe of this kind is to chase the stinkiest of red herrings. You do not destroy such a tapestry by pulling it apart thread by thread. You have to burn the whole damn thing.

This book is digging up old wounds under the shield of Anti-Politically-Correct Political Correctness and analogizing the evil liberal mistake to present times. Not only was it correct to intern them darn Japs, we should be using racial profiling against Arabs in the present day. Ah! Them libruls are week on terrur! The meme strikes again! Of course, anyone who doesn’t want to kill every Arab is “weak on terror.”

I could go on about the ineffectiveness of racial profiling, and the fact that ultimately, AQ will come up with terrorists of other nationalities (perhaps those Indonesians that bombed a night club?) , but why bother?

If it takes an analogy to the internment of the Japanese in WWII to justify Mankin’s solution to the war on terror, then she’s discredited the whole concept by doing so.