And so it begins

[Again my apologies for the meta-blogging, but this is just an exemplar]

Over on DailyKos reactions to Kerry’s speech are mixed. Far from the politically-savvy crowd that can be present on dkos, this crowd was pissed that there wasn’t enough of the right kind of class warfare…

Katrina van den Heuvel at of The Nation is also starting to show cracks in the Kerry coalition. The more assured Kerry’s victory is, the more this kind of commentator is going to be critical.

Republicans aren’t wrong to suggest that the base of the Democratic party is far to the left of Kerry’s speech. They’re just hypocritical, because Bush was far, far, far to the right of his own campaign rhetoric. However, the truth is, more real Democrats support a guy like Howard Dean and know that they have to accept this kind of dialog because of wishy-washy arrogant, superior whiny, demanding of cock-suckery “independents.” (ie those to whom both political parties are supposed to pander because they, despite their lack of interest the rest of the time, control elections in a two-party system)

But in our present situation, we aren’t faced with a choice between a centrist and a progressive like we might have been in 1952. We are faced with the most right wing president ever, and a centrist. In order to pave the way for a progressive movement of any kind, we have to restore sanity first. So, on behalf of Democrats everywhere, I would like to apologize to whiny constituencies in all wings of our party for our attempt to build a winning coalition (ie rebuild the Clinton coalition that abandoned the Democrats in 2000).

Howard Dean would have probably build a movement not unlike Barry Goldwater–but do we really have 16 years for a movement to come to fruition the way the conservatives did? How stupid were Democrats in 1968 to squabble when they could have had a debate within their party without giving up on everything else that was important to them. How stupid were they to nominate McGovern, Dukakis, and Mondale?

We’re supposed to be the educated ones aware of history, right? So let’s act like it. We need to get control first, and then have a debate within the governing party. This idea that we can only have ideologically pure candidates is fucking bullshit.

So, in the mode of Bill O’Reilly, shut the fuck up Katrina.

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  1. The frustrating things that most progressives do not understand is that the place for ideoliogical purity is in the primaries. By getting a strong showing there an ideoliogical candidate is able to become part of the centerist candidate’s coalition. Pat Robertson did not come close to winning the Republican nomination in 1988, but he integrated himself, and his mailing list and his fund raising and his slave-colony diamond mines into the Republican coalition. Does the Republican Party more closely resemble Robertson’s point of view today then it did in 1988? You betchya’! Why? Because any Republican who wants to nomination, must enlist the Robertson wing to get it. Just ask John McCain about how important this is. The same is generally true for Jesse Jackson (based on his ’88 run) and Democrats. Just ask Howard Dean.The choice for ideological purists of any stripe in our system is either to incoporate yourself with the centerist candidate, have them be beholden to you and thus get some (or perhaps a lot) of what you want, or else to segregate yourself from the centerist candidate that most supports your views, and likely allow someone who is antithetical to your views get elected. This is exactly what Howard Dean says when he claims that the best is the enemy of the good. Listen to him Naderites, unless you want to have four more years of wonderful environmental and consumer protections brought to you by the Bush regime.


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